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dioThe Diocese of Badulla began modestly 40 years ago on 18th December 1972. The first Bishop of Badulla Most Rev. Dr. D. Leo Nanayakkara, O.S.B. of revered memory, left the long established See of Kandy and gladly undertook to pioneer the new diocese, co-terminus with the civil Province of Uva, the poorest province of Sri Lanka. The newly demarcated diocese consisted of four parishes, Badulla, Bandarawela, Lunugala and Welimada, which had already existed as part of the diocese of Kandy. Almost immediately after assuming the reins of the new diocese, he established a mission centre at Bibile, the Catechetical apostolate, Mission Development Apostolate, Committee for InterReligious Dialogue and the Social Arm of the Diocese – The Uva Socio-Economic and Community Development (USCOD) Centre – which attended to communitarian social action and welfare including healing and care of the sick through medical clinics in the outstations and care of leprosy patients through monthly visits by nursing Sisters, the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary who worked in the Diocese. Bishop Leo died in 1982, having increased the Parishes to 10 (ten). Read More


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The Diocese of Badulla began modestly 40 years ago on 18th December 1972
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Past & Latest Events

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14 Oct 2016 | 08:00 am

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13 Oct 2016 | 08:00 am

Teacher Training

24 Sep 2016 | 08:00 am

Effective Communication

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Annual Patronal Feast

01 Aug 2016 | 12:00 am

Diocesan Priests together

03 Jul 2016 | 08:00 am

Praise to you O Lord

27 Jun 2016 | 08:00 am

Art to Heart

30 May 2016 | 08:00 am

Feast of Corpus Christ

29 May 2016 | 09:00 am

Advanced Level Revisions

13 May 2016 | 08:00 am

Holy Eucharist

21 Mar 2016 | 09:00 am

Lenten Programmes ​

20 Mar 2016 | 08:00 am
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